DragonBall Vs Street Fighter III

DragonBall Vs Street Fighter III is a very peculiar fighting game in which, as its name clearly states, the characters from Dragon Ball and Street Fighter combat each other.

The first thing that stands out from DragonBall Vs Street Fighter III is the large number of game modes available for play. There are up to eight different play modes, among which we can find: ‘survival’, ‘arcade’, ‘team arcade’, and ‘versus’. So we can basically choose to play in either one on one combats, or two on two combats; we can play solitaire, or with a friend.

The most amazing part of the game, however, is the cast of characters it boasts, among which we can find Goku, Vegeta, and company; as well as lesser known characters such as Bardock, Ubu, Tapion, or Broly. On the Street Fighter side we have all the usual cast, with a couple of interesting newbies such as Seth (the boss of Street Fighter IV).

DragonBall Vs Street Fighter III is a fun fighting game, in which the main attraction is the bringing together of characters from two very famous franchises. Yet, the mix just doesn’t quite fully work out. The game is ok, but the moves from one franchise’s characters are just way too different from the moves from the other franchise’s characters.

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