DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013

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DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013 is one of the many fighting video games based on MUGEN that use the characters from Dragon Ball. What it has that the others don’t is a series of Dragon Ball AF characters.

The initials AF stand for After Future, a non-official sequel created by fans of the saga, which continues the events of the work of Akira Toriyama with new and impossible transformations, such as Super Saiyajin Level 5.

This means that in addition to the classic characters – Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta – in normal mode, there will also be characters like Gogeta 4 and Goku 5, and basically all the possible transformations that the most important characters have had throughout the series.

The game controls are exactly what you would expect from a game of this type. A few motions with the joystick will make your character start launching energy waves, while if you do more complicated combos, you can create anything from Genki Balls to Giant Kamehameha.

Graphically, DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013 isn’t exactly spectacular. Nonetheless, thanks to its simple appearance, the game works perfectly well on many different devices.

DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013 is a fighting game aimed exclusively at Dragon Ball fans. The amount of available characters, combined with the different game modes (one or two player), make it easy to spend hours dishing out punches.

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